March- Updates & Reminders


The office will now be open Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm. In person by appointment only. All items related to the BCRA are available digitally and can be submitted via email or mail.


2020/2021 Members are automatically carried into 2022. 

LBR/HSR Members are eligible to receive a complimentary peewee/junior card or open permit.

The membership package is @


We are planning a full season with finals, the tentative schedule is @


(Draft) Minutes from the AGM are available @

Additionally at the AGM, the Board of Directors were determined. 

Thank you to our ongoing/renewing directors: Gord Puhallo (President), Shaylene Tucker (VP), Sean Bennett, Steve Lloyd, Ty Lytton, Matt O’Flynn, Aaron Palmer, Denise Swampy & Kelly Walls. 

Please welcome our new directors, 

Patti Gerhardi & Kevin Cunin.

Thank you to Carl Hyde, Rocky McLeod & Grayson Winters for your time dedicated to the Board and BCRA.