Rodeo Management

The 2024 Schedule is here.

Here is your KCI Rodeo Management portal:



ONLINE ENTRIES via Rodeo Management:

FRIDAY 8am, (Five days before call in entries open) close 2pm Wednesday (day of call in entries)

BCES will offer online entries to BCRA members 5 Days prior to the actual entry day starting (Tuesday) 8am and closing 2pm Wednesday.  Online entries will be available on a link/ portal above.  No late entries will be accepted online.  Late entries will have to be taken through the regular phone in late entries.  Follow late entry procedures on answering machine.

CALL IN ENTRIES via 250-989-8911

Call in Entries, WEDNESDAY (week before rodeo dates) from 8am-2pm.


WEDNESDAY, (week before rodeo dates), 2:00PM TO THURSDAY at 5:00 pm. Must call in to the entry phone line and leave message with all the correct information. 

If members miss entries on entry day between the scheduled entry times of 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM, members will have the option to enter as a late entry. The late entry time will be on Wednesday starting at 3pm and will close Thursday at 5 pm.   Late entries will be recorded on the BCES answering machine only – full details of the entry must be provided. (ie:  names & card numbers of yourself and buddy group, what other rodeo’s entered, events you are entering, 1st & 2nd pref. and a number you can be reached at.)

A late entry fee of $50.00 per person will be added to your rodeo receipt.  Late entries will keep priority when entering late.

CALL BACK & TRADES via 250-989-8911

Tuesday (week of rodeo dates) / 8am – 1pm. 


  1. Association Card Number.
    (No person will be allowed to enter without the card numbers of everyone being entered on that call. The entry secretary may request you to get all the card numbers and call back.)
  2. Your Name.
  3. Rodeo(s) you are entering.
  4. Other rodeos you are competing in, if going to more than one on the same weekend.
    (Name Association, if it is not a BCRA rodeo).
    (This is to increase your priority in order to get the day you specified at a BCRA rodeo.)
  5. Names and card numbers of people included in your buddy group.
  6. 1st preference.  (Day you would like at BCRA rodeo).
  7. 2nd preference.
  8. Events you wish to enter.
  9. Confirmation number will be given.

Priority will be given to the contestants going to the most rodeos by using a point system.  Points to be awarded as follows:

  1. A buddy group includes up to a total of FIVE (5) people. All team roping partners must be included in the same buddy group. All members of the buddy group must go to the same number of rodeos but the lowest priority still affects the whole group. Example:  If  four people in the buddy group are going to Falkland Pro rodeo and the fifth one is not, that fifth person will bring your priority points down and you may not receive the day you asked for at a BCRA rodeo.
  2. All information concerning a buddy group must be given on one telephone call.  This includes card numbers and all pertinent information regarding this buddy group.  If you are within a FIVE (5) man buddy group, the entire five man buddy group will take the priority level of the contestant in the group who is going to the least amount of rodeo’s.  If you exceed the five man buddy group, the entire buddy group loses their priority points (0).
  3. Rodeo priority will be determined by the amount of rodeos the entire buddy group will be entering in.  Entire buddy group must be entered in the same rodeos.  This will be done on a point system.  Rodeo Priority gets you your day but not your draw preference. All those who enter a rodeo and get their day preference, positions will be drawn for randomly in each event.
    5 point rodeo’s are:  BCRA rodeo’s only.
    3 point rodeo’s are:  CCA, BRC, WIREA (open indian rodeos)
    2 point rodeo’s are:  BCHSRA, BCLBRA, JR/SR College rodeos,
    1 point rodeo’s are: BCBRA, BCTRA, ACTRA, CSPRA**If your entire buddy group is not entered in the same rodeos, the person with the lowest priority will determine the priority points of the whole buddy group.**
  4. Any person not falling into a 5  or less buddy group will automatically receive a low priority, no matter how many rodeos they are entered in.
  5. If a non-BCRA member enters a BCRA co-approved rodeo, on a co-approval association card, he/she assumes the priority of that co-approving association.
  6. A BCRA permit holder that enters a BCRA rodeo will be given (4) four points for priority.  Full BCRA cardholders will be given (5) points for priority.
  7. The highest priority within your five-man buddy group will get you your day preference but not your positions.
  8. PLEASE NOTE:  A Junior/Open cardholder will be tagged as a junior tag whether they are in open and/or junior events only.
  9. Slack may be used as a preference but will only be offered or filled once the events in the performances are full.
  10. BCES will not take entries from anyone except members in good standing. Absolutely no local entries to be accepted without a guarantee from a BCRA member.

Abuse of the entry system will result in an automatic fine.  Priorities given to entry office will be randomly checked.