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The British Columbia Rodeo Association is a non profit, family oriented, amateur/semi pro association that takes pride in striving to keep the western heritage alive and growing in beautiful British Columbia. The support and partnership of our sponsors encourages rodeo athletes to be a part of a healthy lifestyle that can be passed down through generations.

The BCRA supports youth in BC by giving free memberships to all youth rodeo association members along with donations to rodeo clinics and schools held throughout British Columbia, educating cowboys and fans. The BCRA has over 30,000 dedicated rodeo fans and over 500 dedicated western athletes.

Become a partner of Rodeo and support over 500 competitors competing in over 20 rodeos across the province this year.

BCRA Sponsorship

Jaime Macdonald

Chilcotin Rodeo Series

Event Champion Sponsor
$ 100
  • Listed as a sponsor on the Event Facebook Page for the 2020 Chilcotin Rodeo Series
  • Logo, business info & link on
  • Recognition at Chilcotin Series Rodeos & 2020 Awards Banquet
a great
way to support

Horse of the Year

Horse of the Year Event Sponsor
$ 300
  • 2-3 Social Media Posts Monthly (A combination of Facebook & Instagram)
  • Logo, business info & link on
  • Recognition at the 2020 Awards Banquet

Finals Champion Buckle

Event Sponsor
$ 600
  • 5 Social Media Posts Monthly ( A combination of Facebook & Instagram)
  • Recognition at 2020 Finals
  • 2 Dinners Tickets & recognition to the Awards Banquet
great value

Season Leader Saddle

Event Sponsor
$ 2000
  • All "Buckle" Benefits
  • Sponsor Flag in every grand entry at each rodeo *to be provided*
  • Sponsor Banner placed in the arena at every rodeo *to be provided*
  • Sponsor Logo tooled onto Champion Saddle
  • Featured in 2020 Rodeo Guide

Major Sponsor

$ 5000
  • Weekly Social Media Posts
  • All "Buckle" & "Saddle" Benefits
  • Full Page Ad in Rodeo Guide